Event + Yoga Therapy with Angie

"First time attending in-person for the Candlelight + Live guitar session. It was amazing! Such a great sense of community and belonging! The class was taught by two different instructors so you could enjoy some diversity in movements. I also do private virtual sessions with Angela & that is SO wonderful! She’s very skilled at yoga therapy and is incredibly insightful. My body feels physically and internally nourished after our sessions."

— Nikkie T.

counseling testimonial with camille

“Camille is wonderful! I’ve heard it can take a couple of therapists before you find one you mesh with, but with Camille it was one and done. We’ve spent months processing the jumbled jargon in my mind and organizing it into peaceful pieces that leave me better able to handle my day to day life. I’ve really loved utilizing EMDR, with occasional cognitive behavioral therapy mixed in. She’s always willing to work on whatever I’m struggling with but is also helpful at suggesting directions to head in on days when I’m not sure where our time would be best spent. It all feels flexible and the results have been freeing! Scheduling is easy and appointments from home make taking care of me something that I can weave into my day. I’d highly recommend Camille!”

— Anonymous Client

Wellness event testimonial

"This was a wonderful evening. The moon was nearly full and it was beautiful. The music was calming. The movement felt good. The food was delicious. I enjoyed the mindful eating. I connected with another woman about a difficult experience we had in common. All of this combined made me feel calm and less stressed. Thank you for a beautiful evening of movement and mindfulness. It helped soothe my soul."

-Andrea Z.

Yoga Therapy with Lindsay

"I gained a sense of connection to my true self and my power. A clear path towards healing."

— Anonymous Client

Women's Healing Circle Therapy Group

"To be surrounded by strong, brave women who dared to be open and vulnerable was amazing. Through this experience, I was allowed the opportunity to be present in the moment, reflect on information shared, and gain a new perspective."

— Anonymous Client

Counseling Testimonial

"Camille has provided excellent services that have met my needs and goals. She is warm, caring, and goes above and beyond to provide compassionate service. I would highly recommend her to a family or friend without hesitation."

— Anonymous Client

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