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Multidirectional Clarity

A Clear & Refined Mindset

A Solid Network of Strong Female Entrepreneurs

A Tight-Knit Support System

A Village of Other High Achievers

Designated Connection Time

Designated Relaxation Time

Designated Strategic Planning Time

Access a Goldmine of Knowledge Helping you Solve your Biggest Pain Points in Life and in Business.

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Ten Months of Transformation Sept 2023-June 2024

Live Monthly Mastermind Calls (Recorded Also)

Monthly Expert Guest Training Calls (Recorded Also)

Daily Chat & Connection Through Private App

3 Workshop & Mini Retreats in Utah

Professional Branding Photoshoot ($600 value)

Full-Day Retreat Space for you to Host Your Own Event or Host Retreat for Your Team ($2000 Value)

Access to Unique Goldmine of Powerhouse Women

Mindset & Accountability

Connection, Relaxation & Restoration

Build a True Network of Support

Find Lifelong Connections and Lasting Transformation

Unleash your Potential

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Sarah is the founder and Executive Director of Wonderbloom, a 501(c)(3) nonprofit that provides nature-based early childhood education to children in Utah.

Sarah has a PhD in child development and has spent over 19 years teaching and supervising early childhood programs including Parents As Teachers and Early Head Start.

Sarah has taught college courses in infant development, parenting, and social emotional development in childhood. Sarah ran an infant neuroscience research lab for four years and has presented and published articles about infant and childhood development.

Sarah has two little ones, ages 10 years and 6 years. She loves to take them on adventures both in Utah and abroad.  Sarah values giving back to her community; you'll find her volunteering at Sundance Film Festival and O2 Utah each year.


Camille hawkins, MSW

Camille has always been a humble, yet wise leader and it is her life's mission to support the individuals in the community around her. At 29 years old, she was recognized by Utah Business Magazine as a "20 In Their 20's" honoree for her community-building work as the founder and first Executive Director of the Utah Infertility Resource Center, a nonprofit foundation that is still flourishing today.

Camille's story of infertility, miscarriage, adoption, and stillbirth is heartbreaking, and she openly shares how she endured and navigated her darkest days and then uses the strength and resilience she gained to support those around her and the community at large.

Camille is always thinking of the big picture but keeps the details close by. She loves to collaborate with others and believes that by building up others, everyone wins.